Hell Gap: And its Importance to Paleoindian Studies

Marcel Kornfeld is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming will present a Wyoming Community Bank Discovery Speakers Series program June 18th at 3pm at the Riverton Museum. For nearly 40 years he has focused on Rocky Mountain and Plains archaeology and prehistory.  Educated at the Universities of New Mexico, Wyoming, and Massachusetts at Amherst (Ph.D.), his current research focus and that of the Paleoindian Research Lab (PiRL) is the peopling of the Americas, the First Americans (Paleoindians), and human use of rockshelters. One of his principal research locals, along with several distinguished colleagues, is the stratified Hell Gap site in eastern Wyoming. Marcel works closely with avocational archaeologists and societies in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana, as well as across North America through CoAS (Society for American Archaeology-Council of Affiliated Societies). He and the PiRL teams provide volunteer field and lab opportunities to avocationals, the public, and students, and contribute to public education through a variety of programs.  

For more details contact the Riverton Museum at 307-856-2265