PhotOral Launches Pre-Order Site For Early Adopters


December 22, 2015

Science-based #HealthTech Startup Lets You Bio-Hack Your Oral Routine

BOSTON, Massachusetts—December 22, 2015—Boston-based oral care startup PhotOral™ has launched a pre-order site just in time for last-minute holiday gift-giving. Customers who now pre-order their first intraoral phototherapy device will enjoy an 'Early Adoptor' discount and may expect delivery beginning in June 2016. No charge will be incurred until their product is shipped.

“We are excited to embark on the production and pre-order phase of a new tool in the arsenal of preventive health,” said Stamatis Astra, CEO of PhotOral. “Based on the tremendous interest from people visiting our website and inquiring at select dental practices in Boston, we expect PhotOral's core message: 'A Mouth Fit for Life' to truly resonate with wellness-centric consumers.”

Developed by the world's leading researchers in photomedicine at Forsyth Institute, PhotOral® personal care devices take personal health to new heights by reversing poor oral health and balancing the oral microbiome. It works by targeting pathogenic bacteria with antimicrobial blue light while keeping good bacteria intact. Harboring more than 600 microorganisms, the oral microbiome is an intelligent ecosystem that may function as a conductor of wellness when stimulated and properly balanced. Daily blue light therapy by PhotOral® helps manage this mouth-to-body connection—providing a crucial link to overall systemic health.

PhotOral Pre-Order Pricing & Availability
Available as individual device $229 (US) or as a 4-unit family bundle $699 (US); No deposit is necessary to reserve orders for 2016 shipment. PhotOral is also featured at select dental practices in the Boston area. All online orders are facilitated through Celery Pre-Order Platform [direct order link]

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