Gunfight On The Streets Of Gillette

(Gillette Wy) Get inside! Lock the doors! Close the shutters! Put the baby under the washtub! THERE ARE GUNSLINGERS COMING TO GILLETTE!

The Cheyenne Gunslingers are bringing their wild west gun fight show to the streets of Gillette on August 27th, as part of Gillette's 125th anniversary celebration. The show is made possible by The Rock Pile Museum, located at 900 W 2nd St, in Gillette.

The action takes place on the 100 block of Gillette Avenue and begins at what else, "High Noon", and runs for 45 minutes. With sets and props, the downtown block will be transformed into an 1880s era location. There will be saloon girls, deputies, outlaws and more, all doing battle in this FREE SHOW!

Founded in 1983, the Cheyenne Gunslingers have perform to thousands of people in Gunslinger's Square in the state capitol. These reenactors will take you back in time to the days of desperate outlaws and straight shooting lawmen. With a 30 year safety record, the show is a family friendly event, and one that won't be forgotten.

So get downtown early and pick a good spot for this awesome event! And don't yell BANG! It makes the sheriff nervous!