Maneuver Buddy Streamlines The Process To Find A Reliable Mover

ManeuverBuddy is web & mobile based application that will allows users to locate other users in the area for their moving needs, in instances they are look for moving help for residential or office moves.

Managing a residential or commercial moves is a daunting task and hence, in the instance of a move, people look for professional service providers who can manage the task in flawless perfection. However, selecting a reliable mover is a tough job as well. Several aspects require considerations like the expertise, the reliability as well as the tentative budget to avail the services. ManeuverBuddy will enable people to manage these functions in a hassle free style and get the moving job accomplished by reliable yet cheap movers.

This application is a virtual platform that allows users to find others to assist them with their moving needs. As per the operational approaches, this app has 3 category of users; one, the party who needs the relocation services; the second party are those who take care of the organizing/packing and the third party includes those who will offer the physical efforts to execute the move.  The users, looking for apartment movers, home movers or the office movers can post a request stating a description of the volume of the load to be packed and moved, the initial and final destinations as well as other details associated with the services. This will generate responses from other users in the are registered with the app. The Mover will get several numbers of bids from several users and he/she can select the low cost Muscle, capable of producing quality and reliable services.

“We designed this app to change the way people think about moving. What’s often thought of as one of the most stressful times a person’s life, we just want to make lives easier whilst saving people money and time.  This app will directly connect users giving them a cost effective alternative to the expensive moving companies.” says a the CEO of ManeuverBuddy

About ManeuverBuddy
Maneuver Buddy is an application that will facilitate users to find a reliable and cost-effective alternatives to relocation service provider in their area.

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