Millennial Created Music Video Streaming App Now Provides Latest Music, News, and Media


Fans can now interact and get the latest music, news, and media with iFiness Music , the official app of Visitors can search the site or browse the videos directly on the website. Videos will be added on a daily basis, from both major and underground hip hop, rap, drill, trap, flex, EDM, and R&B artists. The app is available now on Windows 10 and Android, and can be accessed via phone, PC, or tablet. An iOS version will be coming soon.

In addition to the latest music, the app lets users engage in music discussions. A status window lets people add comments, respond to others, add emoji’s, and upload their content. There are options for uploading videos as well, via social media or direct email. The app is especially popular among music artists on social media sites.

Animated GIFs make videos easy to upload and watch. This format also makes it quick and simple to upload clips from the app to social media. One can get official news and announcements, from the iFiness Music blogs. Music videos are available from all music genres.

In addition to submitting music to be featured, the app provides updates on album releases and exclusive events. One can listen to iFiness Radio. App-exclusive releases are available to viewers, who can also build their own personal video collections. Posts can be marked as favorites, which adds them to collections people can access on their account.

Videos, news, and other content can be accessed on the app and also via social media, @iFinessemusic. To learn more about the app and to start responding to and uploading content, go to

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