Wedding Music Selections with Boutique Band

Choosing music for a wedding can be difficult. Time is limited on your big day, and no matter how badly you try to cull down the selection, there will always be the odd precious song that must be left on the sidelines. Most of all, it is not an easy decision of what to choose for the bigger moments, such as the walk-in, walk-out, or first dance.

Your eventual choice can be related to the crowd. Are you looking to make people dance, or for the more classical feel of the sit-down wedding? Is your crowd a rocker, youthful crowd, or one that seeks the smoother sounds from yesteryear? Often a combination is desirous for a given crowd.

Regardless of the eventual choice, the most important element from your wedding band is versatility. Each of these genres might be found in your playlist, and having the experience and the skill set to do them justice means finding a band with enough foresight, skill, and power.

One of Melbourne’s finest bands, the renowned Boutique Band, plays an additional role: they offer their skills as MCs. With their wealth of experience at hundreds of weddings over the years, they can bring an experienced level of enthusiasm and class to this responsibility. Musically, this band is able to draw from its enormous set list to create the sounds that will define a wedding. Each member of the band are musical professionals, with years of experience on their instruments. They also feature the ability to learn new songs, as requested.

Their talent lies in their ability to switch seamlessly between and betwixt numerous different genres, in a manner that will keep your wedding party in the sweet spot. You don’t want to skimp on music for your wedding – it pays to hire the professionals!


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