Airwheel revealed a new gizmo again with the name of E6, a smart folding electric bicycle

Now let’s list the following things that are really needed in our life: smart phones, touched for over hundred times per day; tablet computers, used for watching TVs or games; smart bracelets, wore for recording the heart rate and running tracks; or the robot cleaners. Now rethink the transportation vehicle for commuting. Do you still take buses or subway for crowding in the tightly packed traffic? After you see E6 electric bicycle, you will change your idea.

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In order to provide convenience for daily commuting, Airwheel has new gizmo released. From the following basic parameters of E6 electric bike, it can be seen some advantages of E6 electric bicycles for sale.

- Self-weight: 12.6 kg;
- Load capacity: 100 kg;
- Top Speed: about 20km/h;
- Slope of climbing: about 30°;
- Product dimension: 996mm×870mm×592mm;
- Folding dimension: 950mm×465mm×160mm;
- Tyre size: 8-inch;
- Charging time: about 200min (247.9Wh).

Light in weight and small in size, E6 e bike is a portable tool. With the X-shape folding design on the main skeleton, it can be folded within only one second. Plus the seat, handrail and pedals can also be folded for saving more space. Riding in the streets will receive shocking “whoa” from passers-by while travelling with E6 best electric bike kept in your car trunk will allow you to explore those narrow places full of mystery.

The lithium battery pack of E6 electric bike motor provides sufficient power source. Due to it can be disassembled, it can be taken into home for charging independently. The imported power core can charge-discharge continuously for approximately thousand times with steady performance.  Besides, the USB port on the battery pack can be acted as a movable power supplier for charging cell phones.

Except the advantages of Airwheel E6 e bike described above, there are many others such as C-AT vehicle control system, intelligent EBS braking system, intelligent lighting system and app trouble shooting function etc.

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