Quality Herb Uses Silymarin or Milk Thistle Extract in Its Latest Medicine for All-round Liver Protection

China - Quality Herb, a leading biopharmaceutical research institute nestled in China, produces and sells milk thistle dry extract or Silymarin based medical-grade compound through its online retail outlet. Also known as Cardui Mariae extract, the product is also shipped by Quality Herb to US and other countries as it is made with strict compliance with USP, DAB and EP standards.

The product, which has a yellowish brown colour, is acerbic in taste and has a slight odour, the owners confirmed. According to them, the plant from which the extract is obtained is grown on the hinterlands of China, where vast tracts of land are used for growing this particular crop. They only use the seeds for making this particular medical compound, the owners maintained.

“Silymarin is a compound which we have handpicked for making this particular medicine. Apart from Silymarin, we have also used isosilybin, silybin, silydianin and silychristin in this medicine. The medicine is very effective in protecting human liver from all possible damages caused by alcohol, especially excessive consumption of the same. It is a far better antioxidant than many other drugs commonly sold over the counter of medical stores. It promotes biliation and diminishes inflammation in the liver”, told a senior official from Quality Herb.

“To put it simply, the medicine clears the free radicals which build up inside human body over time. It can also accelerate liver cell regeneration and help liver cell rebuilding. As human livers often get damaged by growing environmental pollution, drug and alcohol consumption and food positioning, it is a natural solution to all the damages to the human liver”, added the official.

Silymarin, which is also nicknamed as the ‘natural liver protection drug’, is now bottled and packaged by Quality Herb, which recommends using it as drug, food supplement, health product or simply a cosmetic. They said that the product has a shelf life of two years.

Born in 2013, Quality Herb has been a major player in the research, development, production and export of natural herb based medicines, with Silymarin being one of them.

About the Company

Quality Herb is the online trading window of Xuancheng Quality Herb Co.,LTD.

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