Feike Van Dijk Joins Frontier Hospice Team as Chaplain

We are proud to introduce our new hospice chaplain, Feike van Dijk.

Feike (sounds like FICA) was born in the Netherlands and moved to the United States over ten years ago. In 2009 he and his family moved to Lander to be closer to his wife's mother. They were also drawn to Lander and Fremont County for its beauty, slower pace and sustainable approach to living.

Feike, a man of many talents and passions, developed a deep appreciation for the arts, theology and counseling while studying theology/music at the School of Ministry in London, UK. As a full-time musician, he then put himself through engineering school. However, he later found his niche in providing spiritual, emotional and counseling support to senior citizens and Native Americans. 

Then in July 2015, tragedy struck the van Dijk family. A house fire claimed two of his sons plus Feike and another son suffered severe burns. Following many months of recovery, his life experiences and insights provided the strength to move forward. 

His new role as hospice chaplain provides a space to help others cope with their grief and loss. He finds it a way to honor his boys and nurture a passion. Plus he receives healing from his interactions with the community.

Feike joins fellow chaplain, Robin Stupka, in meeting the spiritual counseling and support needs of our hospice patients and their family. In addition they are available to provide education and support to our community.

Call us at 332-2922 or 856-4127 to learn more about the role of a hospice chaplain.

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