New LCR-Reader Task Kit Available: the LCR-Reader Professional from Siborg Systems Inc.

Siborg’s remodeled LCR-Reader Store has devices, replacement parts, accessories, and task kits; these kits are pre-made bundles that offer customers discounts compared to purchasing each part separately. The newest of these kits is the LCR-Reader Professional; it includes a device, NIST traceable calibration certificate and accessories. Siborg is offering an introductory price of $218.88 USD until the end of June 2016.

The LCR-Reader is a lower-cost alternative to the other devices in the Smart Tweezers line of handheld LCR- and ESR-meters. The 1 oz. device is a combination of LCR-meter and sharp gold-plated tweezers as the probes. The tweezers allow the device to  reach any component, either mounted or loose, to a 0402 size. When LCR-Reader has a hold on a component, it will determine the type of component as Capacitor, Inductor or Resistor and select the best test frequency for that component; all measurement values, including any secondary values, measurement mode, and test parameters used, are instantly available on the OLED display. The device measures with a basic accuracy of 0.5% and offers manual modes for specific measurements.

The LCR-Reader Professional bundle includes a pre-calibrated LCR-Reader device, NIST traceable calibration certificate, charger, spare straight tips, an extra battery, paper manual and quickstart guide. Similar LCR-Reader Task Kits retail around $270 USD, but Siborg is offering the LCR-Reader Professional for $218.88 USD until the end of June, only in the LCR-Reader Store.

Over the past year, Siborg worked with the Institute of Automation and Electrometry at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Russia in creating a new calibration fixture that worked for all models of Smart Tweezers. Previous models were only capable of measuring the mid-range values of devices newer than the ST-3. This new calibration fixture uses 14 known components that fall within the LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers measurement ranges; when the device is connected, the fixture will cycle through the components with the measurement values being displayed on the LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers’ screen. The measurement values can then be compared to the known values of the components and the device is accepted or rejected depending on the accuracy of the device.

After completing the fixture, it was sent to Navair Technologies in Toronto, Ontario for verification. With this verification, Siborg is able to create NIST Traceable calibration certificates; the lack of certificates was a hindrance to professionals that required their test equipment to be periodically calibrated, and thus, the LCR-Reader was overlooked for the higher-priced Smart Tweezers ST-5S.

The LCR-Reader Professional Task Kit is available now in the LCR-Reader Store and will be on sale for $218.88 until June 30th, 2016. For now, this kit is only available in the store, but will eventually be made available on Siborg’s Amazon sales channels in the US, Canada and Europe. Visit the LCR-Reader Store to see all of Siborg’s products; including the Smart Tweezers line of digital LCR- and ESR-meters, the SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers that allows any multimeter to use tweezer-probes and the Smart LED Test Tweezers that test LEDs, switches, fuses and other components.

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