New Pig Wins Two "Environmental Protection" Awards

PIG® Battery Acid Spill Kit (New Technology/Industry category) and PIG® Spill Response Tactics Training DVD (Environmental Management category) are winners in the 2015 Environmental Protection New Product of the Year Awards program. The Environmental Protection New Product of the Year Award honors the outstanding achievements of industry manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy for making environmental professionals’ jobs a little easier. Readership includes more than 47,000 Environmental Protection e-newsletter subscribers and 44,000 Water & Wastewater News subscribers.

Jerry Laws, Editorial Director, comments: “Our 2015 contest attracted high-quality, innovative entries in every category, which is one more encouraging sign that the environmental marketplace is dynamic and growing. The competition was strong this year in categories such as health & safety/cleanup and wastewater.”

Product awards from major industry journals strengthen New Pig’s brand and help reinforce the company’s position as the world’s leading expert and resource for keeping workplace environments clean, safe, more productive and in compliance. Congratulations to the Product Development team for their outstanding work!