Welcome to Basin and Range Magazine

Basin and Range Magazine picks up where Topline Magazine left off

ReWest Media Houses’ Topline Magazine got its start in 2012 and became a new voice in the outdoor lifestyle conversation.  Topline set out to marry some of the elements of action sports coverage with other cultural pieces that focused on the people, places and things of The North American West.

That vision remains unchanged with Re:West Media House’s second progeny: Basin and Range Magazine.  B&R is set to refine Topline’s message and add some new flourish to the presentation.  The new name and new site will continue to bring you all that great content – with #MountainDispatch surely to make regular reappearances, as well as other favorites like our vigorous gear/”Field Tests,” our Inspired Travel Guides to the West, #Vanlife themed “RoadTripper” articles and so much more.

Why the change?

As with all things in life – evolution is an inevitability.  Basin and Range Magazine, is prepared to strengthen Re:Wests’s vision of Topline and add more color, more content, and most importantly more Culture of the West.  The new name and site will evolve the brand of Topline into a more effective voice for the people, places and things that make up dynamic, active, and adventurous lifestyle of The West.

So stay tuned faithful readers of Topline.

Basin & Range will be fully active soon enough and we will work hard to bring you more of what you followed Topline for.  As the evolution takes place, you’ll won’t see new content on Topline and you will also notice that all our social media accounts change their names too.  We ask for your patience during the evolution and look forward to seeing more of you on the flip-side!

  • Charles Watkins – Editorial Director