The Future of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has done wonders for millions of people around the world, especially in the United States where this kind of medical procedure is practiced the most. Then you begin to wonder how much plastic surgery has evolved throughout the generations due to the advancements in technological and medical fields. If you’re considering changing something about yourself, then researching the many types of plastic surgery is the first step to take! 

In the next 30 years, the field of plastic surgery will improve drastically as far as how industrialized cosmetic procedures will appear to be. Eventually, the physical structures such as the ears, windpipes and skin will be able to grow in the lab and will be implanted successfully. Not to mention, cosmetic surgeons will have little or no trouble performing procedures on patients. There will most likely be medical breakthroughs that will slow or reverse the aging process. Imagine a world where you can look younger without spending so much time under the knife! 

There was a report distributed by the American Academy of Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery claims one in three doctors have seen more demand for plastic surgery. The reason patients desire to have plastic surgery is because social media has influenced them enough to become more aware of their looks. From the looks of it, plastic surgery procedures are at an all time high and will continue to increase for future generations to come. 

Is it possible plastic surgery is becoming more of a need than food and water? Today, you can find most people who are addicted to plastic surgery. The demand could be increasing due to new procedures that are being performed by surgeons. Each innovation created will spur an additional demand for plastic surgery. Not to mention, surgeons will be able to reconstruct any form of deformity patients may have with medical advancements. 

Our society has convinced others that they can have the opportunity to look younger and attractive with plastic surgery. If you are comfortable enough and if plastic surgery sounds appealing to you, call 210-499-5900 to set up a consultation at Advanced Concepts inPlastic Surgery. During the consultation, Dr. Suresh Koneru, a board certified plastic surgeon, will discuss your concerns and what outcomes you are likely to see!