LEAGOO M5’s Shock-Proof Feature Gives Pokemon Go Players Better Gaming Experience

Playing Pokemon Go becomes more exciting as LEAGOO M5, the world’s ultimate shock-proof smartphone, comes to free the users from inconvenient gaming experience. Pokemon Go is the newest mobile game that has already caught the attention and interest of billion fans worldwide in only a short period of time. Most smartphone users have downloaded this game to give them unique experience and they only find it through using LEAGOO M5.

Pokemon Go fanatics often break their phones as they unintentionally throw their devices on the ground. As a result, they end up repairing these things or changing them with a new one which are both costly options. With the presence of M5, they do not have to spend money to continue playing Pokemon Go. It is due to the reason that Leagoo M5 comes with Nano All metal bulletproof glass and non-breakpoint frame. Today, it is widely recognized worldwide since this feature is not present in other regular smartphone devices and gadgets.

There are various obvious reasons why people, especially Pokemon Go players, love M5. One main reason is that it has superior shockproof material that provides intense level of protection. The smartphone’s screen will never be punctured, crushed or cracked since the bulletproof glass covers the entire display. Another reason why people love this device is that it is made up of 16 GB ROM and 2GB RAM, plus, 128 GB memory expansion. In other words, opening multiple tasks is easy and possible with M5. Other special features to enjoy are Freeme 6.0 system, 5MP front camera, 8 MP rear camera, 5.0-inch HD display, multi-functional fingerprint and 1280 X 720 resolution. These imply that watching movies and TV shows, and capturing quality images are giving high quality results and extra convenience to the users.

M5 simply wants people to keep their smartphone devices for a long period of time while doing multiple tasks in these things. The common reason why many smartphone users easily lose and change their devices is due to the quality and durability. Thanks to LEAGOO which has rolled out the most outstanding M5 unit for smartphone users. Furthermore, the company aims to offer cost efficient products with useful features.

The company behind the success of LEAGOO is Shenzhen OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. The main goal of the said business is to render excellent customer service and provide top quality devices using its extensive experience the communications field. LEAGOO has been established in April 2014 by the OTEDA team which has already proven its worth in the industry of mobile communication. Currently, it is now operating internationally and continues to make millions of people across the world.

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