The Professional Difference

When you are faced with an infestation of pests in your home, you, and your family, have likely faced a level of trauma and disturbance to your daily lives. It can be very unsettling to realise that your home and castle is playing host to more than its human occupants. You want the problem solved in the most effective manner possible, but the issue is still within your home – so you want a solution that will respect your space, as well.

At Pink Pest Services, our long record of service has been wrought from our community-minded approach and respect for property. We bring more than just a service – we offer a thoughtful, conscientious approach to your pest problem, placing emphasis on thoughtful applications and respect for your property, possessions, and family.

Our services are geared to the busy Sydney home, one with a few irons in the fire. Our applications and treatments are safe: we make sure that apart from the pest at hand, no one can come to harm, whether they be children, adults, pets, or plant life. We take a long, hard look at the problem, before solving it with a direct, precise treatment.

Our technicians are all highly experienced and proven, but still place great emphasis on presentation and cleanliness. They will arrive in clean uniforms, exhibiting the level of customer service and support for the home-owners that we ourselves would prefer to experience. Homes and businesses turn to us repeatedly, secure in the knowledge that we conduct a neat and tidy, yet effective, trade.

We feel that our record of service, and our list of testimonials, speaks loudly to our devotion to exceed the expectations of our treasured clientele. Pink Pest Services brings over 30 years of experience to the battle against pests in this city, and a strong, professional service guarantee. Let us go to work for you!


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