Cute Love Songs For Your Boyfriend

Music is such a powerful example of showing love. Then again a lot of songs are written to express feelings. Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Gemineyes, Drake, Ariana Grande – these are just some of the artists and bands who use love as a motif for their songs. 
If you’re looking for some cute love songs for your boyfriend to listen to when you’re together, we suggest these 10 songs.
  • Drive – Gemineyes
If you’re like something for the mood of food and chill, this is the perfect song. Its chill notes and romantic lyrics will make you want each other even more. The song is a gentle acclamation of a boy who just wants to smoke and kiss his girl. But, no one said it can’t be from a girl to a boy ;)
  • Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
This is the perfection of cute love songs for your boyfriend. Romantic lyricism and a catchy melody – what more is there to say?! Plus, Justin Timberlake said the video is dedicated to his grandparents, but it’s perfect for a young couple too. 
  • Treasure – Bruno Mars
If you’re into something cheesy but with a fast beat, we propose Treasure by ultimate broken-hearted b boy, Bruno Mars. “Treasure – that is what you are” – sounds like the ideal message you’d like your boyfriend to receive.
  • Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake ft. Majid Jordan
Romantic, emotional and touchy – the best words to describe a love song. This is a hit that expresses a desire for love, sex, body, mind and physical attraction. Comparing a relationship to a home – cozy, warm and familiar, Drake has created something that will be in our playlists. It should be on yours as well. 
  • Good for You – Selena Gomez
Talking about cute love songs for your boyfriend we must mention Selena’s greatest hit at the moment. The breathy lyrics are just sooo damn good if you want to be a seductive mistress and the music is slow with a sexy vibe. Our suggestion is to put on the dress he likes, high heels and do everything that he likes. 
  • The Way – Ariana Grande
This song is a brilliant way to express how you’re feeling if you’ve just started to feel the butterflies in your stomach.  Fast beat, cute lyrics – the best combination ever. Also it if you’re both into R&B this is probably the greatest song ever. Plus, who can resist Ariana’s angelic voice?!
  • Love on Top – Beyonce
Another fast and catchy songs with lyrics who will sweep your guy’s feet. Wear a cute dress and killer heels, grab the hairbrush and surprise him with this magical song. “Baby it’s you. You’re the one I love. You’re the one I need” – this tune says it all.
  • Crazy little thing called love – Queen
A classic hit that will always be a evergreen, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is a happy song about love. Perfect to make you both smile and make you kiss each other. If you feel happy that you’re in love with your boy, this is the one to play to him.
  • First Date – Blink 182
If you feel like remembering what the beginning of the relationship felt like, crank up the speakers with this one. This is the best song to express how nervous and excited you were. We are sure your efforts will be noticed. 
  • My baby just cares for me – Nina Simone
Another love classic hit happens to be a jazz single. This is that one song which proves to him how much you appreciate the way he loves you. Sometimes it’s nice to give him a little reminder for all the hard work he has put into your relationship and this cutesy lovey-dovey song is perfect. 
  • I miss you – Blink 182
If pop rock is more of your genre, then this mellow, yet powerful song will win you both over. The unusual lyrics (Hello there, the angel in the darkness, the shadow of the background of the morgue…) combined with a steady voice and slow music is the greatest recipe for love. And of course, you DO wanna tell him you miss him.