In-Depth Research on Global Industrial Dryers Market 2016-2020

Report : Global Industrial Dryers Market 2016-2020 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.

Report Outline: Drying is a unit operation wherein a liquid is removed from a solid by other than mechanical means. Drying uses heat to evaporate the water content from various materials with the help of dryers. Industrial dryers are used to reduce moisture efficiently from large quantities of bulk materials. The principle involved in drying is the drawing of moisture from the interior of individual particles to the surface. This moisture on the surface is then evaporated. Industrial dryers are constructed depending on the type and quantity of material to be processed.

For detailed report with TOC, please click here ​Global Industrial Dryers Market 2016-2020.

Market Growth: The global industrial dryers market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.17% during the period 2016-2020.

Key vendors: 
• Carrier Vibrating Equipment
• FEECO International
• GEA 
• Glatt 
• Metso

Other prominent vendors: 
• Thompson Dryer
• SSP 
• Westpro 
• AVM Systech 
• Transparent Technologies

Regions Covered:

• Americas

Companies Mentioned

Carrier Vibrating Equipment, FEECO International, GEA, Glatt, Metso, Thompson Dryer, SSP, Westpro, AVM Systech, Transparent Technologies.


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