5 Vital Mobile Marketing Trends You Should Be Mindful of This 2016

Let me sum it up this way: If your business is yet to take advantage of mobile in its marketing efforts, then you’re way behind the competition. And sorry, catching up now might be very hard.

Ok…maybe not that bad. But if you’re not yet doing some level of mobile marketing, you really have to start now. Forrester actually still feels that most brands would underinvest in mobile in 2016, “since too many marketers still have a narrow view of mobile as a “sub-digital” medium and channel.” So…it’s never too late.

I’d love to give you so many statistics to show you what you’re missing out without a mobile marketing strategy…

…like the fact that more than half of Google searches now come from mobile, or that 87% of millennials always have their smartphone at their side, day and night

…but that’s not the main purpose of this post – neither is it to let you know what mobile marketing is.

This post is to let you know the various marketing trends you should be mindful of this year – which, luckily, is still (kinda) new. But along the way, you’d get to see few more statistics.

2015 was arguably the tipping point of mobile marketing, but obviously, whatever we experienced last year is just a scratch at the surface of the possibilities mobile marketing holds for the future. By all means, mobile is the future of marketing!

One other thing this post isn’t? A prediction post.

I’m not predicting any new phenomenon for 2016 here; I’m focusing instead on trends that are already getting attention, and are only going to get bigger this year – especially due to their current rate of growth or acceptance.

Let’s jump right in.

Here are important mobile marketing trends you should be mindful of:

1. Mobile video explosion

It’s no longer news that mobile video has gone through the roof, and it gets crazier every year.

Facebook claimed its video views doubled within six months to 80 million views per day as at November 2015, with mobile contributing to more than 75% of this.

Naturally, mobile video advertising grows with mobile videos. 2016 will definitely see a continued growth in mobile advertising, as the mobile video market is predicted to reach over $13 billion by 2020. The mobile video craze will only get heightened this year, especially with the advent of 360-degree videos. You can’t afford to ignore mobile videos in your marketing efforts this year.

For this to work for you however, you must have the ability to, firstly, capture a user’s attention, and secondly, redirect them to your website or app to take your desired action.

2. The App Takeover

It’s great when you optimize your website for mobile, but taking your business to the next level – and preparing yourself for the competition this 2016 – would mean having a dedicated app for your business.

According to Flurry, time spent inside mobile applications by the average consumer has exceeded that of TV.

Having an app is a must this year if you want your customers to access your products and services easily and faster than before. Good thing is; having an app is no longer a big deal as before. For example, you can easily pay competent mobile app developers in London or anywhere in the world to get your app on the Apple Store almost instantly.

3. The Internet of Me

With the increasing amount of data available to businesses online, consumers now (albeit subconsciously) expect interactions with brands to be fully customized and personalized, especially on mobile.

Get ready to jump off the one-size-fits-all marketing bandwagon this 2016. Rethink how you go about AdWords management and start using ad retargeting if you don’t already do. It’s time to focus on how you can key into the increasing personalization of the internet and serve your consumers the exact content and offers they desire.

4. Chat apps: the new social media

Did you know that 4 of the top 6 social networks are chat apps? Well, now you know.

This shows you all your customers are heading more to the various chat apps, while gradually ignoring the social platforms you currently rely on as your major marketing source.

In a recent post, TechCrunch revealed that Facebook will launch advertising within Messenger in 2nd quarter of 2016. You should start planning towards this from now, but meanwhile, begin to leverage other chat apps (like Snapchat) where your prospects are hanging out already.

5. Instagram ads are here to stay – and get bigger!

Instagram ads isn’t an entirely new concept; many brands are already taking advantage of the photo (and video) sharing app since the ads platform was opened to all businesses in 2015.

2016 will definitely see more brands jumping on Instagram, more so because placing ads on it is as easy, and same as placing it on Facebook – since you’d use Facebook’s ad manager (or Power Editor) with all its awesome targeting options.

If you’re not yet using Instagram to reach more of your prospects and leads, then I assure you that you’re missing out a lot. Instagram ads is something you should really consider this 2016.

There are several other mobile marketing trends of 2016 discussed around the internet, but paying more attention to these 5 will definitely make 2016 a successful mobile year for your business.

Now over to you: which other marketing trends do you think will dominate the mobile marketing world in 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments.