It's still spring...we think

If we had known spring was only going to last 3 days I would have enjoyed it more! We may have only a short window to enjoy it but there are signs of spring all around Fremont County. The birds are flying from tree top to tree top singing their love songs, building nests and busily taking care of their new babies. You can find their nests any place, such as this homeowner’s wreath.
According to Carol Kraft, the homeowner, a momma bird has chosen her wreath to nest in every year for the last 11 years. It can’t be the same bird nesting there, so she isn’t sure if it’s the off spring coming back every year or if her wreath is just a desirable place to nest. Regardless, she gets to enjoy watching these cute babies grow up year after year.
Look around the county and enjoy the signs of spring while you can. The tulips and daisies are blooming and the cherry tree blossoms are speckling the county with pink and white.