This Airwheel E6 mini smart e-bike, is so charming

Airwheel is a famous world-known enterprise that has fairly high-profile, publish praise and market share. Its products aiming at different consumers with different demand look like very diversified and many typical vehicles, for example Z3 and Z5 two wheeled electric scooters and S6 and S8 electric walkcars keep outstanding workmanship and excellent riding performance so they are warmly welcomed among consumers. Now, Airwheel is going to release a mini foldable electric bicycle, Airwheel E6.

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Firstly, the appearance of Airwheel E6 best electric bike has a big difference with traditional bicycles and some foldable electric scooters evolved from bicycles. Its main skeleton is made of aluminium alloy and shows a “X” shape. By this shape of design, E6 electric bike main skeleton can realize folding. Except the main skeleton, the pedals, cushions and handrails can also be folded for saving space. After completely folding, it is a mini gadget with the size of 950mm×465mm×160mm. Besides, it only weights 12.6kg so it is a very portable bicycle which can be carried or kept in car trunk.

E6 electric bikes adopt the high-capacity battery pack (247.9wh) which can be disassembled and replaced easily. It can realize quick charge, only taking 200 minutes. Furthermore, the humanized USB interface on the battery pack which can be regarded as the portable moving power source for charging cell phones, tablets, USB table lamp or even USB fans.

The innovative C-AT vehicle control system adopted by E6 e bike is resulted from thousands of experiments and finally finds the balancing point between operability and stability. Each time vector controller is started, the braking will output better power solution through tacit calculating. Together with the intelligent EBS braking system, it will achieve more flexible and steady operating when meeting emergency braking. 

The 8-inch tires of E6 electric bike are large enough for coping with city roads. But in order to ensure the nights’ riding, E6 is equipped with headlight for illuminating and taillight for alarming pedestrians and vehicles behind riders. As the first mini e-bike, Airwheel E6 certainly will become another classical vehicle.

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