Diamond Skylights: Take to the Skies

At Diamond Skylights, we know there are no limits on the value and the usefulness of skylights in today’s world. They provide health benefits, they can lower your energy costs, and they provide aesthetically-pleasing construction elements, add-ons to any current design, urban or suburban or anywhere in between. They are a versatile tool for any dwelling, and they are continuing their growth.

In various permutations, they have even found themselves in the transport industry. Sunroofs on automobiles have been around for decades, and provide a fun and unique viewpoint on the driving experience. But a new challenger threatens to take this skylight to another, much higher level.

Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace firm, has designed the Kyoto Airship, a business-travel jet that incorporates large, pressurized skylights above its passenger cabin. While skylights on aircraft aren’t new, they have never been deployed on a scale as large as this one, as an integral element of a pressurized cabin, on a jet designed to cruise at an altitude of ten kilometres.

This corporate jet was envisioned to be an environment where executives can comfortably enjoy their surroundings in a professional atmosphere, simulating the motif of a Japanese tea-house. The arrangements of furniture can be altered to reflect the meeting or the number of passengers, all under the translucent glass allowing sunlight to filter in.

Some engineering challenges lay behind this design. The strength of the sunlight at ten kilometres, before it has been filtered through the atmosphere, would be strong enough to heat the cabin to an uncomfortable temperature. Proper blinds, and climate control sensors inside the cabin, guard against this impacting upon the trip.

A personalized jet with it’s very own skylight, and it can all be yours…if you have $55 million to spend. For a slightly more economical method of enjoying the sun’s bounty, contact Diamond Skylights today!


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