EzRoadTrips - The smart way to plan your trip!

EzRoadTrips is the new kid on the bloc on the Trip Planning arena. It was the brainchild of 'Goranka Medhi', a hardcore techie with a passion for road trips. Here's what he has to say on why he came up with EzRoadTrips:

I love travelling
I love travelling by exploring
By exploring drives, places, stays, attractions
I may not know where I want to go
I may not know when to go either
But, I want to explore, just explore
No tools gave me the freedom to explore
So I built one for myself
I believe, there are many others like me, who would love to use it
EzRoadTrips - it's all about exploration!

EzRoadTrips has been created with a single motto:

Simplify everyone's Road Trip Planning. Be a one stop solution for all road trip planning needs! Our intention is to build a platform that will simplify planning for road trips and build a community where we can help each other discover new destinations.

The site has a Planner feature which lets you choose your destinations based on your tastes and helps you save and share the itinerary with your friends and family easily. There are also dozens of pre-defined trip plans for the uninitiated traveler! There are umpteen blog posts as well in the site, which offer you a true traveler's insight into many unique destinations.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on and plan your next road trip using the Planner.