Having switched to the Ignite Engine in the upgrade to new-gen consoles, 

Cheap Rs Gold will now run on Frostbite. The Frostbite engine is the same engine 

that most other EA titles use, including EA Golf, Battlefield and Mirror’

s Edge Catalyst.

EA revealed that the transition from Ignite Engine to Frostbite has been 

two years in the making.

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The main benefits of the engine switch include added realism to players as 

well as much better lighting effects.

Ever since the switch to the Ignite Engine players have criticised player 

faces for being a bit dead-behind-the-eyes, whereas now the ability to 

animate every detail and offer a much better representation of emotion 

means you’ll see a much better looking game overall.

Also, with the new engine we’ll see areas of the stadia we never have 

before. Changing rooms, hallways and other behind-the-scenes footage will 

be shown in the build-up to matches to give an all-new layer of realism to 

the .