Lamman Rucker Stars in The Man in 3B in Select Theaters Nationwide This Friday

Atlanta, Ga [November 3, 2015] - Urban Books Media LLC, the largest African-American owned publishing company in the country, has partnered with TriDestined Studios to bring Carl Weber’s best-selling novel The Man in 3B to select theaters nationwide. The suspenseful drama starring Lamman Rucker is set to release on Friday, November 6, 2015.

Rucker plays the role of a handsome, charismatic Darryl Graham, the newest tenant in a Jamaica, Queens apartment building. Darryl quickly attracts the lustful attention of the female tenants, subsequently causing violent encounters with their spouses. Connie (Brely Evans), an unhappy wife, turns to Daryl for help losing weight, hoping that will fix her marriage. But when Daryl starts making Connie feel beautiful again, she questions whether her marriage is worth saving. Connie's husband (Christian Keyes), cares more about making money than being affectionate to his wife. That is, until he notices how much time his wife starts to spend with Darryl. Benny (Robert Ri’chard), a spoiled teenager raised by his single father, sees Darryl as a cool role model. When an unexpected event occurs, Benny is left questioning everything he's ever known to be true. Daryl's first love, Krystal (Nafessa Williams), wants to make things work with her current boyfriend. Yet, Darryl’s reemergence into her life ruins what was once a happy home. To Avery (Anthony Montgomery ), everything seems to be going well for the tenants. This quickly changes when someone is murdered, making every tenant a prime suspect in an intense investigation.

The film’s fatal attraction story portrays the intertwining encounters of a group of strangers who are conflicted with dissatisfaction in their individual situations and the idea that a new friendly face can solve their problems.

The film’s all-star cast includes Lamman Rucker, Christian Keyes, Brely Evans, Anthony Montgomery, Robert Ri'chard, DB Woodside, Kellita Smith, James Black, Olivia Longott, Trisha Mann, with Jackee Harry, Marla Gibbs and Billy Dee Williams. To join the “Man in 3B” viral conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter follow @TheManIn3B (#TheManIn3B). For more information visit .


The Man in 3B | Film Synopsis

The Man in 3B is a film based on the characters from New York Times Best-Selling author Carl Weber's novel The Man In 3B. Protagonist, Darryl Graham (played by Lamman Rucker) has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can't stop talking about him. He immediately becomes intertwined in each of the tenants' lives, but when a murder happens in the building, everyone becomes a prime suspect.

The Man in 3B | Filmmakers

  • Writer: Carl Weber

  • Director: Trey Haley

The Man in 3B | Producers

  • Producer: Carl Weber

  • Producer: ND Brown

  • Producer: Tracey Moore

  • Executive Producer: Veronica Nichols

  • Executive Producer: Walter Nixon

  • Executive Producer: Jeffrey Dumpson

  • Executive Producer:

  • Production Company: Urban Books Media, LLC / Tri Destined Studios

The Man in 3B | Cast

  • Lamman Rucker

  • Christian Keyes

  • Brely Evans

  • Anthony Montgomery

  • Robert Ri'chard

  • DB Woodside

  • Kellita Smith

  • James Black

  • Olivia Longott

  • Trisha Mann

  • Jackee Harry

  • Marla Gibbs

  • Billy Dee Williams

The Man in 3B | Social Media

  • Official Hashtag: #TheManIn3B

  • Instagram: TheManIn3B

  • Twitter: TheManIn3B

  • Facebook: The Man in 3B

The Man in 3B | Official Website

The Man in 3B | Trailer

About Urban Books Media, LLC/ Carl Weber

Book mogul Carl Weber is commonly known as the P. Diddy of the African American publishing world. With 14 New York Times bestselling novels under his belt and twenty-two novels in total, Weber is considered one of the premiere African American authors in the country. However, being an author can hardly be considered his day job. As president, CEO and Publisher of Urban Books LLC, Weber has published more than 2500 hundred books and grown Urban Books into the largest African American owned publishing company in the world. He is a past recipient of the Blackboard Publisher of the Year award. Weber also successfully ran the Urban Knowledge chain of bookstores, and has received the Blackboard Bookseller of the Year award. He has now branched out into screen-writing and has written and produced three of his bestselling novels (The Man in 3B, The Preacher’s Son, and The Choir Director) into independent films with his production company, Urban Books Media LLC. Weber is a graduate of Virginia State University and holds an MBA in marketing from University of Virginia.

About Tri Destined Studios

Tri Destined Studios was founded in 1998 to provide world-class film, television and multi-media productions that empower, entertain, and inspire urban and modern America. Tri Destined Studios, a subsidiary of Tri Destined Media Enterprises, Inc., is comprised of: Tri Destined Films, Tri Destined Television, and Tri Destined Independent. Our corporate mission is to be the number one trusted brand in urban entertainment, production, and distribution. Our other initiative is to partner with Small Businesses, Minority Owned Businesses and Corporations to provide product placement, cross promotion and brand imaging within our productions that value diversity, economic and community empowerment.