Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. Creates Cabinets that Offer Aesthetics and Functionality

Do you find your stock cabinets of the perfect size and shape? Do they make efficient use of storage opportunities? And do they fit the style of your home? If your answer to these questions is NO, you can consider custom cabinets in Michigan that will suit your storage needs and your available space. You can also choose a style that will fit or enhance your home’s appeal. With all of the cabinets that are being offered in the market, renovating your place can be a difficult process if you do not take the time to do some of your own research. Since you have the opportunity to design and choose every angle of your cabinets, you can take full credit for it if someone compliments your home. 

Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. can help you create or recreate your kitchen, bathroom, living room, basement bar, and other areas of your home with their complete services for custom cabinets in Michigan. With their extensive knowledge on proper construction and installation of cabinets, their orders are personally coordinated from the date of your order up until the date of delivery and installation. 

The first step you need to do to purchase custom cabinets is to choose what is necessary for your space. Once you figure out what is best for you and your home, the team from Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. can sit down with you to brainstorm ideas for your personalized cabinets. You can choose elements and features that can benefit you most. With custom cabinets, you can create cabinets that are both functional and aesthetically appealing, making your home look as good as new. Several home improvement stores say that they have hundreds of stock options, but in reality you are limited to choices that might not suit your taste. 

Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. has skilled craftsmen who take the time and effort to make fixtures for the custom cabinets. Sometimes this can take them more time to be completed and it will possibly be more expensive, but it is an investment that will pay off in the end. Considering not all spaces are designed the same way, they can create a unique size for your cabinet. You can take advantage of every square inch of your space when you purchase a custom design. Since they make cabinets of all sizes, there is no need for any unwanted fillers. 

Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. offers more than a hundred door styles that can suit your preference such as oak, maple, cherry wood, and knotty pine, including unlimited stain colors as well as paint and glazing colors. They use ½ inch plywood for the back of their cabinets and the bottom of the drawers unlike most of their competitors who use ¼ inch particleboards. As you shop for cabinets, it is best to keep in mind that the back of the cabinet and bottom of the drawers are what makes a cabinet of good quality, as Showcase Cabinetry assures you with their products. 

Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. has always maintained an outstanding reputation for providing the best customer service and high quality cabinetry at affordable prices. They understand how important it is for homeowners, as well as business owners, to maintain their property and give it full value through aesthetics and functionality. For this reason, they are fully committed in serving all of their customers by getting to know their needs and desires. With their experience and skills, they are more than willing to provide you with tips and suggestions that can be used when creating your cabinets. It is a privilege for them to highlight the custom cabinets and kitchen countertops that they have done in the past, and they look forward to servicing your cabinetry needs in the near future. 

Over the past 15 years, Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. has provided their customers with premium, high quality custom cabinets in Michigan while staying competitive with the stock cabinet industry, as well as the mega stores. They treat their customers the way they want to be treated, which has given them the success they have today. For more information you can browse their website at to see their existing work. You can also contact them at 810-798-9966 or email them at