HealthWay’s new building will create 40 jobs in Pittsburgh

                                                              HealthWay plans to expand its facility to Pittsburgh, which will employ more than 40 people.

PITTSBURGH (April 18, 2016)­—HealthWay announced its plan to build a new facility this month that will be used to expand its processing and shipping department, said HealthWay President, Jack Robinson.

Over the past year, HealthWay grew to expand its services outside of Pittsburgh and has provided mail prescription services to health care organizations to Pennsylvania residents.  Through a new contract with the Pennsylvania State Employees Association, HealthWay decided to expand to a  new facility in Pittsburgh. Though this facility, HealthWay seeks to employ Pennsylvania residents in both health-related and non health-related fields.  The financial support of the Pennsylvania Office of Economic Development helped HealthWay to start its construction of the facility this month. It is expected to finish by April 2017.

“HealthWay has contributed to economic growth within Pennsylvania over the past few years,” said Linda McManus, Director of Pennsylvania Office of Economic Development. “This new facility will not only provide health services to Pennsylvania employees, but it is expected to employ 40 additional staff.”

As one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Pennsylvania, HealthWay strives for health innovation within its community. With many chain stores in prominent areas of Pittsburgh, HealthWay aims to provide job opportunities though this new facility. All job applications will be available at

HealthWay is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Pennsylvania providing customers with full walk-in or drive-through pharmacy services as well as beauty, healthcare and hygiene products in its retail stores. HealthWay offers mail delivery services for prescriptions to Pennsylvania residents to 345 organizations and companies in the area. HealthWay assists its customers with the greatest care and attention and continues to raise health care awareness to the public through community outreach and health education programs. For more information about how Health Way is paving the way to a healthier city, please visit