CAD/CAM Mechanical Seminar

Seminars are the integral part of engineering and at one point you all have to make ppt of any topic and submit its report. Getting a right seminar for submission is really a tough task. This page contains CAD/CAM Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

This CAD/CAM Mechanical Seminar designs a Computer-Aided Design and Computer aided manufacturing to make mass production of any product or component with economicalpossibilities.

To meet the requirements for mass production, there is a rapidly growing need for better communication and feed back between the manufacturing and design process, integrating them into a single system capable of being optimized as a whole. The use of computer knowledge in manufacturing process is the way to meet this requirement and objectives.

CAD/CAM system is basically suited for the design and manufacturing of mechanical component of free form complex, 2D and 3D. CAD/CAM technology plays an important role in the field of robotics. CAD/CAM can be defined as the use of digital knowledge to guide the designers in analysis, development, creation, modification and optimization.

Benefits of CAD/CAM

  • It is the lead time in the design office.
  • Easy referencing and material of earlier design and data information.
  • Time for changing design and updating a document is reduced.
  • Designer don’t need to do routine work and can thus take more time for creative tasks.
  • Introduction of computer resulted in a better quality product at reduced costs.
  • Reduced dependency on design subcontractors.
  • CAD/CAM improves productivity in design engineering and manufacturing and productivity gain; resulting in reduction of cost and cycle time and quality improvement.

Some topics to be covered while making the pdf or ppt during your seminar:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of CAD/ CAM
  • Why CAD /CAM
  • Uses
  • Types
  • Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Model of CAD/CAM
  • Benefits
  • Limitations
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography


With many intellectual minds the vastness of ideas and seminar topics are huge. Some seminar topics could be :

  • AirCraft Auto Pilot Roll Control System
  • Air-conditioning and Air-conditioning System Design AutoCad Mechanical Project
  • AIR DEFENSE GUN Mech Project mechanical seminar topic
  • Air Driven Engine mechanical seminar topic ppt.
  • Advancements in technology & their implications on entrepreneurship.
  • CAD/CAM technology in functioning of robots.

In digital system the robot work data is prepared from CAD data from the first designing process. This system is a kind of off-line teaching system. Robots are inevitable for application in the field where the work is extremely difficult or impossible for human to perform.



This projects are designed using CAD/CAM system that offers several advantages and yieldsin improved work quality, more appropriate and usable information and improved control.

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