How can Airwheel Z5, the best standing Foldable electric scooter keep a foothold in the society that cars take hold?

Car, we can say that it is a great invention since it shortens the distance of human beings and increases the efficiency for doing things. But, it doesn’t mean that only cars or vehicles that are faster than cars are enough for our life. Intelligent electric standing scooter, slower than cars and less vehicle occupancy, is also necessary. Airwheel Z5 has its secrets for being necessary as a new product.

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Convenience matters, not the speed or the cool appearance matters for the design and research & development of a foldable electric scooter. At home, it shall be easy to be kept. In the crowd, it can move and shift freely. When you are outside, it should be easy to be parked. When you go on a journey, it can be matched with other transporting vehicles. Z5 standing up electric scooter can meet the requirement of all the above requirements depending on its small figure and light weight (only13.15kg).

Different types of vehicles represents different concept of life. But for Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter, different riding situations and demands also shows the different states of life. Z5 will make the daily commuting become more efficient and riding it can also be a hobby or a way of relaxing. After you get through a tough day, riding Z5 in the city streets without too much noisy is a good choice. Equipped with high-strength headlight and intelligent taillight, Z5 will safeguard nights’ riding.

Actually, to feel comfortable during riding is the essential aspect for transporting equipment. In most cases, one family generally prepares one Z5 for all the family members. So it requires special design for Z5 electric standing scooter for satisfying different members with different statures. The operating arm can be adjusted for reaching up to the level that riders need.

That’s why Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter can still keep a foothold in the society that cars take hold.

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