Bold Rapper Kasper Knight Shoots Himself On The Face For A Video

Musicians and rappers are always in the news for their bold feats! However, this one is a real show of guts and fearlessness. The nu metal rap and rock star Kasper in the recent times has done a video where he shoots himself on the face that leads to a hole on his cheek. This video went viral on the internet with several shocking comments and reactions. However, the artist himself has his own reasons for doing this act and is convinced that there isn’t anything wrong about it.

According to Kasper, “I needed that scene for my video. I had a vision in my head of me shooting myself in the video and I thought it would match the vibe of the song, horrify/ shock people”. So the rapper went ahead and performed the scene irrespective of the outcome that was to follow. The artist also thinks that some of his friends and old camera man that refused to get this scene shot didn’t understand his artistic vision as a director. However, he didn’t allow the lack of encouragement to deter him and went ahead and shot himself on the cheek for his video. The rapper now has better video plans and bigger ideas in mind that he wants to accomplish.

Talking about the way the media had flared this incident, Kasper Knight is of the opinion that the media channels didn’t understand his objective and infused it with several incorrect details that make the news an entertainment. About 90% of what he had said in the video had been subtracted by the media.

About Kasper Knight
Being a nu metal rap and rock start from the southeast quadrant of Fort Wayne, Indiana Kasper Night has more to himself than just music! The rapper is also the author of a fantasy book named Enders’ Gate and End of a Golden Age and is also a top-rated art commissioner who has keen interest in astrophysics as well as trans human science.

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