Amojee app enables users to text in their own emoji languages. Australian launch features emojis of kangaroo crossing, fairy bread, wombat and more.

        June 6, 2016—A new app for designing and texting with emojis, called Amojee, has just launched in Australia for iPhone and Android. For its launch in the island continent, the app is featuring dozens of whimsical, new emojis created just for Aussies, such as fairy bread, a kookaburra, a kangaroo crossing sign and more. 

        Amojee has democratized the creation of new emojis. Now everyone can create emojis to express their sentiments about current events and culture in “real time.” Historically, it has taken months or even years for new emojis to be approved and reach the marketplace. 

Amojee has changed all of that. With Amojee’s in-app design tool, users can create emojis instantly by drawing images or uploading selfies and other photos. Users can personalize photos by adding cartoon eyes, hats, ears, and more before adding them to Amojee’s library for other users of the app to access. All new emojis are tagged with key words by the users who create them.

        The app already includes 10,000 emojis and users are adding new ones every day. Even with that many to choose from, users can quickly type with emojis. As a user types text in the Amojee app, each word displays related emojis with the most popular options appearing first. This allows each user to text in a unique “emoji language.”

        Amojee users can check out the top emojis (across all categories) on the app's "Trending" page. Any user-generated emoji can appear there if it becomes popular within the Amojee community and trending emojis are updated in real time. Amojee’s "Featured" page displays the top choices hand-picked by the company’s internal design team. All new emojis are screened to ensure they are appropriate for ages 12 and up.

       Amojee launched in New Zealand in March 2016. Amojee, Inc. was founded by entrepreneurs who have launched and sold two successful companies. Amojee can be found in social media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.


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