Rodent Control for the Autumn

With the arrival of the cooler weather to the shores of Sydney, creatures are driven to find themselves a warm winter home. Much like every warm-blooded creature, shelter from the chill is a high priority. And with some many homes in Sydney, many of which are housing delicious foods, autumn is a prime time of the year to become an unwitting host of pest rodents.
Of the two species of rat that are especially popular targets for pest controllers, the Norway, or Brown Rat, has the most unique habits of forced entry. As the largest rat in the business, they struggle to climb with the same effectiveness as their smaller relatives. This means that their methods of entry are concentrated around foundation level. Be mindful of any chewed baseboards along your subfloor, and make sure that any brush piles, and in particular, any trash, are located well away from your home.

The Black Rat, being a more mobile climber due to its smaller size, has a more mixed bag of entry methods. It is able to make use of any overhanging branches to gain access to roof level, or nearby fence lines. Even telephone lines are fair game for this acrobatic pest. Taking care of these potential entry points should be a priority for your autumn maintenance to-do list, according to the experts at Sydney’s own RIP Pest Control.

As with many pests, you must be mindful of any sources of food and water. Maintaining good hygiene in your home will lower the odds that either of these two pests will be tempted to attempt to enter your home. This will make your job considerably easier.


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