Damp Proofing in Autumn from Damp Controllers

In Sydney, underfloor and subfloor ventilation is a vital to maintain a warm, dry home. Damp air trapped underneath your home can work its way through your flooring and walls, increasing the ambient humidity inside of your home, and leading to ugly, and potentially harmful, mould growth.

This problem is experienced throughout the Sydney area. Homes that suffer from this affliction all share one common trait: they have insufficient airflow in their underfloor or subfloor. Warmed by the living space above it, this air absorbs moisture. From here, it can easily make its way in to your living space.

An overly humid home is tough enough during the warm weather, but in the depths of winter, moist living conditions can be very unpleasant. The moisture seems to get everywhere – bedding, carpets, and even clothing, will absorb the ambient moisture, making the cold feel even colder.

Worse, however, from a health standpoint, is the way that such moisture can encourage mould growth. Unsightly at best, mould growth can be a health problem at worst. Mould spreads through the producing of spores, airborne excretions that become aerosols when released. When mould becomes present in your home, these can easily become a feature of your indoor atmosphere, leading to numerous respiratory problems – especially among children and the elderly.

It is advisable, then, to ensure that your home has a subfloor that remains clear and dry. Damp Controllers, a Sydney-based firm specialising in this problem, recommends the installation of vents in to your sub floor to encourage air circulation. If that measure isn’t enough, they will install 12V fans, to remove the moist air, to be replaced by fresh, dry product from outside.

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