Kvits Launches a Technology that Prolongs daily life by adding Time

Irvine, CA - Kvits is the newly launched platform and an app that offers the innovative technology which improves dining experience and adds valuable time to the life journey of its users. Kvits is currently featured on Kickstarter. This app is bound to make a big change in the way people dine and enjoy their favorite foods.

Kvits is the payment platform as well as the mobile app wherein customers can pay their bills at bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, and a lot more, eliminating the need to wait for a server. Kvits lets customers split bills among other guests, add a tip and rate the services that customers received. Restaurants are a great way to spend time with a family and friends. “Yet, if you dine out often, you already know how long it usually takes to pay for the meal. Even if your server is a professional, there is still a “painfull” and frustrating process of getting your check paid before you can be out to your next destination. We call it – the 3 Waits. The Wait to ask for a check, the Wait to get a check and the Wait for a change or a credit card back” says the Kvits developer team. Fortunately, the developers of Kvits have created a way to avoid these 3 steps process, now customers can pay for bill whenever they are ready to leave!

Kvits makes it possible for people to enjoy truly their dining experience. The platform integrates with the POS system used by the restaurant and processes all transactions in real time. Once a patron is ready to pay, the customers can just open a free app and enter the unique ID of their table. The orders will appear on the screen of their phones or tablets and with a push of a button, it will pay for the meal and customer will be ready to leave. The payment methods involve major credit cards that can be save for later use as a convenience or use alternative payment options such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and traditional gift cards.

Kvits is still under development and will be available at most favorite dining establishment in the nearest future. For everyone that believe that this product can be a great asset to a daily life, please help Kvits team reach the goal and spread the word by sharing it with family and friends.

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Media Contact:
Denis Timchuk, CEO
Company: Kvits