Bethesda Students Volunteer in Community

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When CommunicAID needed help, local high school and college students in Bethesda jumped at the opportunity to volunteer and give back to their community.

  • ·       Bethesda High School Key Club volunteers for CommunicAID.
  • ·       The school is running a yearlong project to help stock CommunicAID’s new Mercer Street facility with food.
  • ·       Donation boxes for canned goods and nonperishables can be found at Bethesda High School and Bethesda Church.
  • ·       Donations will be taken until mid June.
  • ·       Projects like these help the less fortunate members in the Bethesda community.
  • ·       Spotlight: Joe Clark, president of Key Club, has gone above and beyond to help his less fortunate peers in the Bethesda community.


  • ·       “Knowing that younger members of our community want to devote their free time to helping the less fortunate is one of the best parts about our new center and one of the most rewarding parts of my job.” -- CommunicAID president Suzanne McGrath.
  • ·       “Volunteering for CommunicAID has helped me realize my passion for giving back to others. This is and area I could see myself working in for the rest of my life.” -- Joe Clark, senior at Bethesda High School and president of Key Club

Twitter Pitch: Young community members lead volunteer efforts to help @CommunicAID, a Bethesda nonprofit

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