Excipients Market Trends, Growth Analysis and Forecasts 2014 to 2021

The Excipients Market Research Report provides Industry analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective Market Size, Share, Trend and Growth during the study period (2014–2021).

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Excipients are bulking agents or fillers which are added along with the active ingredients of a pharmaceutical or other products. They can be of different types based on their composition such as organic, inorganic, protein based, petro-chemical based or oleochemical based. Chemically, excipients can be polymers, alcohols, minerals, gelatin, sugars etc. Besides their population application as fillers they also find application as diluents, binders, suspensions & viscosity agents, coatings, solvents, flavouring agents, capsules, disintegrants, colorants, lubricants & glidants and preservatives.
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Varieties of excipients are available in the market such as oral, parenteral and topical among others. Amongst a majority of products available in the market, sugar based excipients dominate the global excipients market in terms of demand and production Besides gelatin and glycerine are also predicted to have an increased demand in this market in the near future.
Major player assessed in the report is :
- Ashland Inc
- The Dow Chemical Company
- Roquette
- Colorcon
- Avantor Performance Materials
- FMC Corporation
- Evonik Industries
- Lubrizol Corporation
- More

Presently north America leads the global excipients market, though Asia-Pacific is also projected to witness a high-growth in the coming future as attributed to the increased number of companies investing into this market,as mentioned above.
The expansion of pharmaceutical industry, due to increased number of consumers, is promoting the growth of this market. Also with increasing number of companies investing into this market specially in Asia-Pacific, this market is predicted to witness high growth in the near future. Besides the low cost of raw materials is also encouraging its growth. Though strict regulations and norms being laid down by medical associations and concerned authorities over production sites, production and sale quantity and the procurement of raw material as well as the final product may reduce the growth of this market.
1. Excipients By Products :

- Polymers
- Alcohols
- Minerals
- Gelatin
- Sugars
- Others
2. Excipients By Applications :

- Fillers And Diluents
- Binders
- Suspension And Viscosity Agents
- Coating
- Solvents
- Flavoring Agents
- Capsules
- Disintegrants
- Colorants
- Lubricants And Glidants
- Preservatives

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