Mills Elementary student Aspen Scherck helped to bring endangered species to classmates today

(Casper, Wyo.) - The students at Mills Elementary got to witness something today that not many in North America get to see, a black footed ferret and Wyoming Medical Center helped to make it happen.
Wyoming Medical Center again hosted the district wide contest to find the next animal in their ambulance fleet, and one Mills Elementary fourth grader's design won the contest.
Kristy Bleizeffer, PR Representative from Wyoming Medical Center commented, "We had 170 wonderful designs sent to us for the ambulance contest. A panel of five went through the herd of animals, selected ten and left them to a public vote online. Aspen Scherck's black footed ferret was the winner!"
Today Scherck's classmates got a special treat as the ambulance was unveiled and students got to see a live black footed ferret from the US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS).
Wyoming Game and Fish Communications Director, Renny Mackay and USFWS Outreach Specialist, Kimberly Fraser, brought 'Rebus' the ferret to the students and gave the students a brief history of the endangered animal.
Fraser talked to the students before letting Rebus out, "The black footed ferrets were thought to be extinct until 1981 when a small colony was discovered in Meeteetse, Wyoming. Thirty-five years later the ferrets are still recovering but starting to come back and we hope to re-introduce them back into Wyoming this Summer."
Scherck commented about why she picked the unique species, "I have a ferret at home, and they are really cute and adorable, and a Wyoming species."
Students then gathered to see Mr. Rebus before eating pizza and heading outside to see the the new ambulance.
Mills Elementary Principal Coebie Logan commented, "I am very happy for Aspen and very honored for her and our school that she won. This is a wonderful memory for all the students!"
See some photos of Rebus and the new Wyoming Medical Center ambulance below: