Episcopal Church in Minnesota launches new website

Minneapolis, MN - The Episcopal Church in Minnesota has launched a new website that will become a cornerstone in its communications. Zydeco Design worked with Bishop Brian Prior and his missioner team on strategy, architecture, design and implementation to create a website that will be responsive to the needs of its community.

"It has been as privilege working with ECMN on its branding and communications," said Nathalie Wilson, President of Zydeco Design. "Episcopal communities are committed to active involvement in the world. Sharing resources and communications through ECMN results in deeper, more effective engagement at many levels. This website will provide a dynamic platform for these efforts."

About ECMN
Over 150-plus years, the Episcopal community in Minnesota has grown, expanded, and redefined what it means to join God’s mission in the world.

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota is a ‘diocese’ of The Episcopal Church, which is a community of 2.5 million worshipers in about 120 dioceses across the United States and abroad. The Episcopal Church is part of the larger Anglican Communion, which is a worldwide community of more than 77 million who intentionally maintain community and commonality in prayer and worship in more than 500 dioceses in 164 countries.