Secret Unique Technique To Heal Yourself

London based Toks Coker is excited to announce the launch of her “7 Days 7 Chakras” Kindle eBook, Packed FULL of simple daily exercises to help you Heal and Grow: Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically


Toks Coker believes the “7 Days 7 Chakras” Kindle eBook will empower you to: Manifest your Goals, Have more Financial Success, Improve Your Relationships and Help you to Create a Life Affirming Lifestyle.  It empowers you to become your Own Healer as it teaches you that by Applying Internal Change you can attract more positive energy into your life.

Ebook_Cover_7_days_7 chakras

“She stands in her own light, beating her own drum, operating entirely from the heart and I know of no teacher more authentic; no friend more genuine; no truth-teller more worth their salt and no serious-minded shaman with more laughter in their soul”.  Gary Reich, TV Producer


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“Toks’ work is invaluable. I have no doubt that the great life I am living now, including meeting and marrying my true love, has been created as a result of the work I have done with her help. I cannot recommend enough the depth, sincerity, wisdom, purity and integrity of Toks’ work. She is the healer of the highest order.”  JP, Company Director


Toks Coker is an Alchemical Spiritual Life Coach, Crystal Healer and Teacher; qualified in various modalities that enable her to provide a first class service to her international students and clients.  Constantly Empowering Others (C.E.O) with her Spirit Guide: Hands of Light, she has put her 30 years’ experience into creating 7 Days 7 Chakras.  She welcomes you to her Wonderful World of the Energy of Now.