Boost Your B2B Strategy by Adding Online Video Advertising

While social is still a viable option for B2B marketers, online video advertising is rapidly becoming a key component in content marketing strategies. A new infographic from Brainshark shows just how astonishing the stats for online video really are. 100 million Americans view online videos every single day - that’s just under one-third of the US population. In September 2012, 85% of US Internet users reported watching online video content. Combine that with a staggeringly high information retention that accompanies video, and it’s clear that online video is strategically important.

Content marketers are sitting up and taking notice. Today, 70% of content marketers create online videos to sell, educate and entertain, and reuse them across multiple platforms. In addition to content creation, marketers can purchase paid video ads to accompany content on multiple online video networks. About half of all social media users are likely to watch a video from a brand they follow.

Mobile platforms are especially viable for content marketers, since smartphones and tablets are rapidly outselling PCs. Mobile viewers also stick around about three times longer than viewers on laptops and PCs. Combining mobile platforms with video content marketing is a winning combination by any standards.

View the whole infographic here.