FunkahTron presents “New York B-Bop” (Booty Bass) single

Los Angeles, CA - March 23, 2016 -- Musician and music producer FunkahTron ThunDer has been creating music for years. Also a recording, mixing and mastering engineer, FunkahTron is known for playing non-traditional instruments and implementing heavy basslines into his music, also dubbed B-Bop (Booty Bass). A prolific bass guitarist, FunkahTron’s musical contributions are reminiscent of the early Funk tunes of the 70's and 80's.

His new single “New York B-Bop” is scheduled to debut on May 1st on Tunecore and Reverbnation. The record will also be available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon in additional to other online music retailers. The official video is currently available on Youtube.

About FunkahTron ThunDer

From early childhood Music has been my passion performing on homemade instruments with the fellas and charging the neighborhood girls fifty cents to see our show.......To date I have performed with Major and local Artist, Feature Films, Music Videos etc. Now its time to do my thang, my way, how I want to do it, when I want to do it, if I do it, Holla it you heard me.....I’m a new Engineer, a seasoned Professional Musician and Producer, my goal is to provide the world with head Bopping, Booty shaking, Riding Music for everyone, young and old and all Nationalities, with B-Bop (Booty Bass) Genre.

Official website: