ValsTech Schedules Q3 Release Of Underwater Housing For iPhone 6 Plus

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ValsTech, Inc., an industry-leading creator of underwater camera housings, specifically designed for the iPhone 6 Plus. The company currently offers the underwater housing for the iPhone 6/6s.

The LenzO™, designed for both professional and recreational use, complements the existing camera capabilities of the iPhone while adding a variety of features. The housing exists as a case around the phone and serves the functional purpose of protecting your phone from the elements, including water submersion to a depth of 100 meters. Its features include an optical dome lens (as well as a built-in optical selfie dome lens), ergonomically designed controls, dual tripod mounts and internal “flip” UR Pro color correction filters that can be switched on & off.

The LenzO™ features require no special apps to install or operate. It works with the existing iPhone camera app. The safety features, by allowing users to create quality images even deep underwater, aim to provide customers with an increased flexibility in the environments in which they are able to take pictures. The optical features, including the scratch resistant, anti-reflective dome lens, aim to provide users with an increased aesthetic quality to their images, both on land and underwater.

ValsTech’s LenzO™ iPhone 6/6s Underwater Housing retails on their website for $395.00. Images of the housing for the iPhone 6 Plus are already available on the site.

ValsTech was founded in 2012 by Valentins (Val) Ranetkins, the founder of Aqua Vision Systems, Inc. and Amphibico, Inc., two companies that were among the pioneers in underwater camera technologies. Under Val’s directiom Aqua Vision Systems developed the “Aquatica,” a revolutionary underwater housing used for the underwater photography of Natural Geographic Magazine and by many famous underwater photographers.

Val continued his success at Amphibico, producing innovative underwater video products and developing features that pushed the boundaries of the underwater camera industry: electronic camera controls, underwater push buttons, interchangeable optics, unique housing latches, underwater microphones & hydrophones and foolproof underwater sealing systems.

The founder and the ValsTech team offer 80 plus years of combined experience on both the design and manufacturing side of housing products. Their experience is now being directed toward providing the same professional-grade technology—along with the creative, entertainment and documentary potential hthat comes with it—to all smartphone users.

The ValsTech team is committed through their unique underwater housings to the goal of empowering smartphone users with the tools to take full advantage of the new trends in underwater photography. Anyone with a smartphone and a ValsTech housing will be able to capture quality images not only deep underwater but in all aquatic and otherwise environmentally harsh environments. Their underwater smartphone housings have been featured at the world’s largest maritime trade shows including Germany’s Boot Dusseldorf and the annual exhibition hosted by DEMA, the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association. Further company information and their full product line are available on their website at

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