The men who have retired but are still serving in NTA

It is common practice in Nigeria that those people who have served in public offices to their retirement age rarely want to leave the offices they hold sway in. This happens not out of any selflessness reasons or out of sheer patriotism but because in Nigeria, government patronage, feasting on government coffers and leaning on easy money that comes from holding such offices are among the reasons why retiring public officers stay put in office.

LRIronically these same men have been for ages in the same system where impunity, corruption and looting thrive.  In most cases, they do not even add value to those offices they occupy. Most of the corruptions occur among those whose retirement age are closer.  They begin to look for every other opportunity to fleece the offices they occupy for the sole reason of staying financial afloat when they are no longer in service.  This is because some of them are less productive and cannot easily compete in the larger society; they cannot run personal businesses successfully.  The larger society seems too competitive for them.  Only few can set up personal businesses and run them successfully after retirement.  Some scheme their way into politics with their stolen funds while others tend to manipulate their age by reducing their age to enable them stay put to office.

Typically, most Nigeria public office holders do not see economic survival beyond the immediate offices they hold since there were no previous attempts at self-vocational empowerments nor were there creativities and arts they perfected themselves in while serving in public officers.  Elsewhere, we have seen retirees becoming increasingly successful in certain arts such as writing, mentoring, and conducting researches for government and other agencies for a fee.

The case looks a little different in Nigeria where most of the retirees retire to politics, prompted by perennial addiction  and concept of ‘Government must pay the bills’.

In NTA, LeadingReporters have unveiled   the following Executive Directors whose retirement ages have long elapsed, yet they stay put in the government own TV enterprises whose fortunes have continued to dwindle vis-à-vis other private TV stations.  This is as a result of the perennial embezzlement and diversion of public funds, official ineptitude, and lack of creative and gripping programmes just as it obtains with other private TV stations amongst others:

   S/NO  POSITIONS                                                                           DATE OF RETIREMENT

(1)       Executive Director – Engineering                                                          17/05/14

(2)      Executive Director – Marketing                                                              Oct. 2015

(3)       Executive Director – Training/Capacity Building                                    Sept. 2015

(4)      Former Executive Director Finance/Admin

And currently the Director General NTA                                                            21/05/2014

It is only imperative that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation should wake up from their perennial slumber and the supervisory Ministry of Communication should in line with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria order the above people to proceed on their retirement to give way for fresh people, fresh ideas in view of the strong competition in the sector that only see the daring succeeding.