Working Dog Insurance- Does that exists?

Dogs have been loyal and human’s best friend for years and they are, no doubt, the most hardworking animal as well. Numerous dog lovers have reflected their affection and shed light on the contribution made by the working dogs like Military dogs to serve the countries and others that work for their owners and help them improve their income. There are watchman dogs that have played a vital role while guarding, detaching, patrolling the buildings, explosive devices, areas, and thus, their health and well being must be of utmost importance to us. Specialist veterinary officers are continually on hand to take care of them.

Apart from the categories mentioned above, there is a large number of dogs that are not a part of army, police force yet help to do important work in day to day life including a wide range of areas like herding cattle and sheep, guiding people who suffer from hearing or visual disabilities and others. Such dos too require proper treatment as well as attention from the vets to keep them safe and healthy.

However, there is little number of companies and knowledge about companies that offer pet insurance for working dogs as they are prone to increased risk of life, injuries, illness as well as public liabilities. Though there are a wide number of cheaper pet insurance available for the non working dogs, there must be special importance and insurance available for working dog owner options so that they can insure the best care and concern towards their beloved pet and provide comprehensive medical healthcare to them.

While there are several companies still in the market the offer such privileges but they are few in number and having a lot of exemptions, terms and conditions that has kept the working dog owners at bay from them. There must be special attention paid to the illness and injuries of such dogs as they are exposed to dangerous environment only to help humans and the owners. Their selfless love must not be taken for granted and that’s why companies like Pet Insurance U are considering the best options and offerings to offer the clients and customers with a comprehensive and complete Working Dogs Pet Insurance.

While there are breeds that are easier to get insured because of the cheap prices they are available at, there are several breeds that tend to cost a lot on purchase, are prone to get ill or stolen and thus, cost thousands of bucks. Find which rank your pet stands at this list of most expensive and cheapest breeds of dogs for insurance this year:

The 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds To Insure in 2016


·        Rhodesian Ridgeback

·        Shar Pei

·        Rottweiler

·        English Bull Dog

·        Boxer

5 Cheapest Dog Breeds to get Insured in year 2016

·        Dachshund

·        Chihuahua

·        Lakeland Terrier

·        Miniature Pinscher

·        Welsh Terrier