Mother & Daughter Authors Unveil After The Storm....FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 9, 2015

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After the Storm is a compelling true story of debilitating mental illness, homelessness, child abuse and alcoholism. An autobiography from an American Beauty Queen. From daughter to mother to beauty pageant to big game preserve, Ava ST. Pierre takes you on her journey through life. This is a true story of love, faith, family, courage and renewal of a broken past and happy future and will heal and open anyone's heart! This memoir delivers 414 pages to anyone who seeks serenity and is a must read.

In their co-authored Autobiography, After The Storm- Choosing to Live with Purpose by Breaking the Cycle, mother, Ava ST.Pierre  and daughter, Sheree' Cogburn will touch many hearts with their candid stories of love and compassion. The authors share struggles, failures, achievements and their road to overcoming adversities and finding true happiness in life. You will feel like part of the family along the path as this duo tell their brutal honesties and invite you on their fun and often trying adventures called LIFE.

AVA ST.PIERRE COGBURN has never played the victim card. Through her strength she found a better tomorrow and future. Using her childhood as a tool to help others became her mission at an early age. She shares her inspiring true-life story of a young girl who never gave up hope. Through playing competitive sports at ten years old to later competing in pageantry, Ava gained self-esteem and confidence as she excelled at both. She has over twenty-five years of experience in the Skin care, Cosmetics, Modeling, Pageantry, Beauty & Fashion Industries. She has worked for several national cosmetic brands such as Maybelline, REVLON and L’Oreal. Ava has won various Pageant Titles including Mrs. Texas America, Mrs. Colorado United States, Mrs. Colorado USA, Top Finalist Mrs. USA, MS Colorado World International, a Top World Finalist in the World in 2012 as well as Community Service Awards.

Her purpose in life is to give back and support her platforms of Empowering The Children-Prevent Child Abuse, Live With A Purpose-Advocate Volunteerism & Fundraising, Mental Illness Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness. She continues to help in sharing a positive and purposeful outlook with children who are going through hardship due to abuse. ST.Pierre works to create opportunities of volunteerism through the labor of love.

CO-AUTHOR: SHEREE' COGBURN is a mom of two humans and two fur babies. She’s also a wife, entrepreneur, a brutally honest writer and blogger, Author of After The Storm and a long-winded talker. She recently wrote about her experience of losing her job by saying, “reality check: from a full-time working mom to a stay-at-home mom in a matter of minutes. Talk about a smack in the face!” Sheree' is a people person with a degree and background in Communications: Public Relations, Speaker, Advertising, Marketing and Social Media with a minor in Computer Science. She is the professional Manager for the Ava ST.Pierre brand with Queen Be Productions, LLC and was in charge of editing, layout and full design of the book. She enjoys charities, events, fundraisers and giving back in her spare time. Her hobbies include hiking, photography, cooking, shopping, crafts, decorating, gardening and enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado with her family. Sheree` is proud to be part of such a touching and meaningful project.

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Written By: Sheree` Cogburn and Ava ST.Pierre