Global Impetus Announces its New Consulting Service for US Market Entry


Recently crisis has not changed the fact that the USA is the largest and most powerful economy in the world and we must not forget crisis means also "opportunity". But companies thinking doing business in the USA should be cautious of the intensely competitive and complex marketplace because mistakes will be costly. In such a scenario, outsource the preparatory work to experienced and trusted partner can prove to be really helpful.

The basis to find out business opportunities for a firm wanting to grow in the most competitive marketplace in the world is an accurate and up-to-date market research with a strategic framework that considers chances for business expansion.

Global Impetus works to answer key specific questions before its clients starting operations, by gathering market entry strategy through an in-depth market research and establishing fruitful conversations with potential customers and industry experts, because understanding possible customers' needs, is the best way to acquire a competitive advantage. So questions about products or services adaptation to the US market, the correct pricing and the best way to establish brand awareness, are essential. Analysis of the alternatives will establish the best approach to follow (direct sales, selection of agents or distributors, partnering with other companies or strategic alliances)

Additionally, Global Impetus can act as your representative in the US market and undertake a number of activities on your behalf as organize meetings with key contacts, manage and development activities and negotiate agreements, and this way foreign companies also get adequate intercultural support.

Unlike alternative firms who might introduce you to prospective clients and then leave you by yourself, we are there after too, stringing along with you. Our labor is the strategy at the design and planning stage, seeking and providing key contacts, and management work in the execution time. We coordinate specific actions after the initial phase of plan implementation to be certain that longer term opportunities are nourished and they are not lost.

For more information, contact us via email at info(at)globalimpetus(dot)com or by visiting Global Impetus online .

About Global Impetus

Global Impetus is a leading Business Consulting Firm with results-oriented professionals who specialize in driving values and solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises around the globe. The firm provides Outsourced Business Development, Market Entry Strategy, Trade Show Management and other B2B Consulting Services, for a wide array of international companies which want to expand abroad and explore new business growth opportunities.

Global Impetus has represented over 20 years, companies of various fields and industries like Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Fashion & Apparel, Manufacturing and Services, to entry into multiple marketplaces.

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