EverVue launches Cosmos, the all-day, all year, outdoor TV

Owning an outdoor TV has never been this easy and rewarding.

Boca Raton, Florida (May 30, 2016) - EverVue revolutionizes your outdoor TV experience by not only providing you with 4K Ultra HD Picture Quality but also protecting your TV from the weather and animals in the outdoors.

Cosmos is the only outdoor TV with a weather cap, which endures all and extreme weathers from snow, drizzles and direct sun. The Cosmos’ weather cap is a protective system feature that makes it difficult for animals especially raccoons during winter time to climb on top of the TV unit. With the protective blade, animals will have no way of destroying your TV or your exceptional viewing experience.

Bringing your regular TV outside will not only damage it but also can be an electrical hazard. This is not a problem anymore because Cosmos is powered with low voltage at 24 volts. It is completely safe to install near a pool or hot tub, even when high voltage power might be at risk. Heat-resistant, erosion control and a built-in insulator, Cosmos’s 20 feet premium quality outdoor power cable with waterproof plugs is the most effective way of securing cable and pipe. These outdoor power cables can stand heavy industrial and underground applications.

Another unique feature of Cosmos is that they offer a wide variety of long-lasting self-standing poles, all made of high quality stainless steel designed to be rust-proof, stain and color-resistant. You can choose between the real stone and wood designs. You can also get hold of their Guy Lines Clamp for unpredictable weather or for some late afternoon storm. This clamp can easily be attached to the pole and this is a great way to make sure that the Cosmos is immovable as it is highly recommended in high wind areas and public areas.

Cosmos is available from 32” to 75” and prices start at $999.00. Find out more about Cosmos here: