Gold Coast Home Ensures Better Greenhouse Climate Management With Modern LED Lighting Products

Chicago, US, (August 26, 2016) - Gold Coast Home brings innovative LED lighting solutions for flower nurseries and greenhouses, in order to ensure better climate management. The new LED lights from the company, one of the newest lighting products suppliers, are aimed at controlling light and heat independently while reducing the problems of overheating in greenhouses.

The new lights from Gold Coast Home brings the most modern LED technology to the fore, and ensures better quality and higher yield. Same amount of energy is used with these indoor lighting items, although a higher light output is obtained. Growers can separately control temperature and light while also getting more control on growing conditions.

Various scientific studies have already proved the advantages of LED top-lighting in floriculture. Every year, around 4,000 – 5,000 light hours are needed by roses. With LED top-lighting and chandeliers, growers can save a lot of energy, get more lighting hours in autumn, spring and summer, get better quality and growth and also manage their climate much better.

LED top-lighting from Gold Coast Home can reduce the amount of heat produced, keep the air inside and reduce expenses. Windows can be closed for longer time. The company aims to bring in more discount lighting products to boost crop growth.

About Gold Coast Home
Gold Coast Home is a major supplier of contemporary lighting products, such as bulbs, power transformers, power supplies and ballasts among others. It is into the sales and supply of Lighting Fixtures, Wiring Supplies, Retail Electrical Equipment and Apparatus and more. The company is powered by Radionic Industries, Inc., an American lighting ballast company founded in 1939 which specializes in the production of semi-custom and custom ballasts.

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