Bright Smile Dental in Beaverton Oregon is proud to announce the launch of their new dental implant center website

With the high volume of inquiries and questions from current and new patients about dental implants, Bright Smile Dental realized it was important to have a site dedicated specifically to dental implants where all implant related information could be shared and most frequently asked questions answered.

Patients seeking to improve their smile and dental health come to Bright Smile Dental from all over the greater Portland area including Beaverton, Aloha, Hillsboro, Tigard, and many other surrounding cities.

Many of these patients have questions about dental implants and what implants could do for their dental health. Having a website dedicated to dental implants has created a valuable resource for patients to bypass the confusion on the web and find the most relevant, helpful information on dental implants.

Dental implants are the next best thing to a real tooth. Often times patients who don’t like the way their smile looks or find other types of prosthesis uncomfortable find that dental implants are their best option. Not only do they look great, but they are also incredible durable. The root is made of titanium. This is the part which Dr. Negru, the highly experienced dentist at Bright Smile Dental, anchors to the jaw (similar to how a natural tooth is anchored).

Often times, one of the most common questions patients have is what is the advantage of dental implants over bridges and dentures. The biggest one is dental implants, due to their close similarity to natural teeth, have the potential to last a lifetime. The titanium root encourages new bone growth, which results in your implant fusing with your jaw bone.

Another common question is how long the recovery process takes after dental implant surgery and how long the treatment takes overall. While recovery time is different for everyone, most people find that it takes a few days or weeks for the soreness to end. It is much more comfortable than most people expect. Some patients may not even require pain medication. In terms of the overall treatment time, this will depend on the exact procedures that are performed and number of implants. Some patients have their teeth replaced in just 1 day. You should expect a few appointments scheduled over the course of a few months.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, Dr. Negru welcomes you to visit the site discussed here: . Dr. Negru has extensive training and has undergone hours of education in dental implant therapy and surgery. It is vital that you choose a dentist with extensive experience to ensure your implant is done properly. Don’t entrust your smile to a cheap implant dentist. Dr. Negru provides affordable dental implants utilizing the most advanced treatment measures available. From soft laser tissue instrumentation to 3D CBCT scans, our implant patients enjoy faster, comfortable, more precise levels of care.

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