SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Officially Launched Smart One Click Cleaner MPO for Optical Fiber Industry

China - SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, an internationally acclaimed manufacturer of fiber optic tools , recently launched Smart Cleaner MPO, a one click cleaner that the company claims to be an ultimate solution for fixing contamination problems in optical connectors. The owners recently unveiled their latest product at a press conference here in Hong Kong. The owners announced that the product will be available at a discounted price for a limited period only.

“The Smart Cleaner MPO is a one click cleaner that uses microfibers meant for optical connector ends and removes contamination that cannot be detected with naked eyes. The addition of the fiber optic cleaner to the toolbox of an engineer would improve efficiency and reduce downtime in communication services, we believe”, commented a top executive during the launch of the product.

According the executive, the most common applications of the Smart Cleaner MPO could be seen in cleaning connectors in adapters and jumpers. He added that the fiber optic cleaning tool can be employed in cleaning MPO/MTP flat connector types with or without guide pins, cleaning MPO cassette modules, trunk assembly, CFP and QSFP modules and the likes.

On behalf of the company, a chief engineer also demoed the fiber optic cleaning tool at the press conference. He said that the one-click operation does not require any special skill or training. The microfibers are optimized for removing contaminants with an easy one-click push operation. He added that the delicate optical fiber does not get damaged in the process.

“As everybody can see here, the Smart Cleaner MPO has a compact design as our engineers actually took into consideration the pragmatic aspects while designing the tool. More than 600 cleanings can be done with this one-click cleaner. The tool is also compatible with plugs and adopters. A cap also been attached so that workers can easily clean plugs. The product is fully compliant with the RoHS standards”, said the chief engineer speaking on behalf of the OTDR manufacturing company having its factory in Shenzhen.

About the Company

SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a China based manufacturer of fiber optic tools.

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