Detailed Research on US Molecular Diagnostics and Blood Donor Screening Market - 2016

​US Market for Molecular Diagnostics and Blood Donor Screening - 2016 (Forecasted to 2022) is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. The US Molecular Diagnostics and Blood Donor Screening Market report contains Molecular Diagnostics Instrument Market, MDx Assay Kit Market, Infectious Disease Diagnostic Assay Kit Market, Genetic Diagnostics Assay Kit Market, and the Oncology Diagnostics Assay Kit Market. The Blood Donor Screening Market consists of the Molecular Blood Donor Screening Analyzer Market and Assay Kit Market.

The MDx market includes analytical systems and assays used for DNA (and RNA) extraction, amplification and detection. Systems can range from low throughput instruments such as thermal cyclers to high throughput automated systems. They may run on different technologies such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), transcription mediated amplification (TMA) or gel electrophoresis. Tests may be used for identifying disease, for monitoring disease progression and effects of treatment or for predicting predisposition of individuals to various diseases. Revenues associated with companion diagnostic tests for therapeutic drugs or testing done using technologies such as Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) or Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) are not included in this report.

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Molecular diagnostics, once confined to large labs with highly trained laboratorians, is rapidly being adopted by smaller hospitals and independent labs with less skilled labor due to the following key factors: availability of automated systems capable of performing multiple functions and running multiple assays on a single platform, decreasing test prices owing to the entry of many smaller competitors, high specificity and sensitivity of molecular assays compared to other traditional testing methods (such as microbiology or immunoassays), and favorable FDA guidelines requiring new drug therapies to be tested for their efficacy on particular patient groups through associated companion diagnostic tests. All these factors will enable molecular diagnostics to continue its dominance in the U.S. IVD market in the future.
While Roche Diagnostics was the clear market leader for 2015 in the Molecular Diagnostics Assay Kit Market, they still were far behind Grifols USA within the Molecular Blood Donor Screening Market. More detailed information on these companies as well as Hologic, Myriad Genetics, Genomic Health, Cephied, Qiagen, Becton Dickinson, Abbott Diagnostics and many more are found in this 2 segment report.

This Report Also Includes:
- In-depth, Professionally Researched Data That Has Been Formatted and Analyzed to Gain Actionable Insights as Quickly as Possible
- Executive Summary
- Trend Analysis by Segment
- Market Value Forecasts until 2022 and History Back to 2012
- Market Drivers and Limiters
- Detailed Competitive Analysis for Each Market and Segment



Companies Mentioned

Roche Diagnostics Hologic Myriad Genetics Genomic Health Cephied Qiagen Becton Diagnostics Abbott Diagnostics Siemens Healtcare Diagnostics bioMerieux Luminex AutoGenomics Inc. Agendia Aurora Biomed Grifols USA


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